Three Barbotine plates Nimy late XIX

Beautiful plates Northern France from famous factory of Nimy; period Mouzin Lecat 1893-1906, edges decorated with scales.

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The pottery Nimy was established by  Dieudonne Joseph Antoine who requested magistrates of Mons permission to create pottery. He signed a partnership agreement with Bousies Francis , Viscount Rouveroy and Bonaventure Bousies mayor of Mons .
But the Royal Government Council reject the request, Antoine turns to the village of Nimy to settle his manufactory near Hatred and its mills.
Indeed , it was essential to find a power for grinding wheels for grinding of raw materials of earthenware .
It ceased operations in 1950 and the buildings were demolished four years later.
Throughout the duration of its activities, the establishment employed workers, most of whom belonged to old families of potters as a Nimy , it was father to son. The pottery occupied a lot of boys and girls from 14 to 17 years who were being trained  and paid very little. The earthenware carries a Nimy differs from English cobblestones by the dose of chalk into its composition. Glaze leaded generally distinguished by its smoothness and transparency of the tin cover that hides the colorful land used by French faience.

  • Period XIX
  • Diameter 21 cm


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