The Art Nouveau or Modernism in Catalonia, Jugendstil in Germany, Secession style in Austria-Hungary, stile Liberty in Italy is an artistic movement born in late nineteenth and early twentieth century with a desire for modernity which relies on aesthetic curves against the excesses of industrialization and excessive reproduction of the great styles.
In response to Classicism, Art Nouveau imposes no obligation to the artist. Conceived as the art of freedom, it is clear from conveniences that hindered hitherto creation.
The big names in Art Nouveau are among the most famous turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century. These are Gallé, Daum, Mucha, Majorelle, Horta, Van de Velde, Gaudí, Guimard, Lalique, Grasset, Steinlein, Ruskin, Klimt or Bugatti. They disrupt the patterns of life and transform his aesthetic to make it nice and decorative.