In 1952 Roger Capron buys an old disused pottery avenue du Tapis Vert , " the pottery of Horts Font " and starts with seven workers. The production is first of decorative panels and gifts items. Inventiveness , Capron factory soon tiling earthenware and stoneware , tables, and joined in 1962 with JM Square of " Mutual of Artois ." He soon runs a company of 120 employees in a relaxed social atmosphere , and has two retail stores in Vallauris . The crisis of the 1970s will overcome this great adventure , patents and models go back to JM Square , which continues to produce a part . Roger Capron then launches into a handicraft production, with his wife Jacotte and his chief designer of the first hour, Jean- Paul Bonnet. He creates unique pieces , sculptures, in the small workshop in Picasso Avenue in Fournas . He died in 2006 at the age of 84 years . Jean- Paul Bonnet becomes the creator of his own plays , beginning a second career at a time when others live a symbol of inactivity retirement. Capron get the gold medal at the Milan exhibition , the silver medal at the exhibition of Cannes, the gold medal in Brussels .