Maurice Jallot was born in Paris in 1900 to Leon Jallot, an established furniture designer who worked for Maison Bing producing furniture for La Maison de L’Art Nouveau.
Leon Jallot opened his own studio in 1903 and in 1921, after graduating from Ecole Boulle, Maurice joined his father’s studio. He worked outside his fatherʼs studio for a few years, and returned to display many individual and ensemble pieces, his most important commission being the Hotel Radio.
They worked together displaying both individually and together at salons and exhibitions in traditional woods such as palisander, amboyna and camphor.
Adjusting to the times, in the late 20s they began to use more glass and
metal, introducing a distinctive range of modern
furniture: steel card tables, mirrored cabinets, and tea-tables.
Lacquered doors, psyches, and screens were a favorite with monkey and fish motifs as well as pure geometry. Leon retired in the 1940s and died in 1967.
Maurice continued the family business until nearly 1950 and died in 1971