Siamese cat - Beswick

Siamese cat porcelain - Beswick England # 1558. Perfect condition, cream and brown, designed by Pal Zalmen.

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James Wright Beswick founded his pottery business "JW Beswick" in Londgton, Stoke-on-Trent, England, in 1892. His son John Gilbert and John's son, John Ewart all played a huge role in the success factories.

Initially producing tableware and ornaments and after the 1914-1918 war, they began to diversify the production of goods more fancy for home and abroad.

1921 saw the death of JW Beswick and later, in 1936, his son also died. This year the company made a limited liability company named John Beswick Ltd with John Ewart Beswick as CEO and Gibert Beswick sales manager introduction of new parts to the beach. 1930 (Art Deco) period of the plant noted for animal modeling is in the production of the most beautiful figures of animals, including famous race horses and champion dogs. The studio also produced fanciful figures laying man and expressions.

Arthur Gredington was appointed modeller for animals of all kinds who take credit for the great work done for its accurate and realistic animals. James Hayward also contributed to the high quality parts as Director Decoration artistic director from 1934 to 1957, the design of almost 3,000 decorations, designs and glazes.

Albert Hallam has also contributed with his talented skills when he joined Beswick at the age of 14 years as a mold maker apprentice eventually becoming head mold manufacturing and modeller, creating butterflies, horses, dogs and cats modeled after Arthur retired Gredington including Norwegian fjord horse, A sort by room very today by collectors.
In 1948, the company began producing characters from Beatrix Potter books in history.

It was John Beswick who first received the rights to reproduce the characters and 1997 marked the 50th year that Beswick and Royal Doulton has been producing Beatrix Potter figures. The initial range produced in 1948 consisted of 10 digits. The first created by the chief modeller Arthur Gredington was Jemima Puddle-Duck, which was released with nine other characters, including the very popular Peter Rabbit

They were an immediate success, and in this spirit the most animated characters were made, including Zimmy the Lion created by David Hand who has worked on several Disney features like Snow White and Bambi. In 1952 Beswick began its line of Disney with Mickey Mouse and later in 1968 produced a series of Winnie the Pooh figures. These figures are very sort after today.

In 1969 Beswick was sold to Royal Doulton animals continues to produce new models, but by reducing the number of colors and removal of many parts.
In 1989, the decision was taken for Beswick to be produced under the Royal Doulton backstamp, all animal products were issued with a DA backstamp, gray back and matte colors of Palomino horses and only continued to be available brilliant.

At the end of 2002 Royal Doulton ceased production of all Beswick products that have ended an era and the Staffordshire pottery industry.

A year later, the original works, or street have been sold to property developers in finalizing this great name in the history of pottery.

In recent years, a businessman named John Sinclair Yorkshire bought the Beswick brand, including production molds and archives of Royal Doulton. Both collections will be launched, "Beswick England" a prestigious range which include limited editions made in Stoke-on-Trent and "John Beswick" featuring animals in the style of the original, which will be manufactured abroad.

  • Width 8 cm
  • Lenght 18 cm
  • Height 11.5 cm